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Cleaning Instructions for slip-covered furniture:
Four Seasons recommends Professional Dry Cleaning on all fabrics to preserve color and for longevity of the fabric. When using any decorative trims or multiple fabrics on your slipcover, Professional Dry Cleaning is recommended. If you have a slipcover that is "Pre-washed", please follow the Washing Instructions below. 

Washing Instructions
• Be careful not to overload your washer. 
• Close all zippers on seats, backs, and throws to prolong seam life.
• Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with mild detergent. 
• Dry on low heat or air dry til damp. 
• Put back on piece while cover is slightly damp

General Care Information 
To help extend the life of your slipcover, cushions, and frame you need
to spend a little time to take care of your furniture. 

• Seat cushions and back pillows should be reversed regularly. 
• Seat cushions should be rotated from side to side. 
• Back pillows and throw pillows should be fluffed regularly. 
• Vacuum with a soft brush attachment to get excess dust and dirt.


Preformance Fabrics Cleaning Instructions
We have chosen functional fabrics with the highest performance quality in mind,
as well as fun, fashion colors that are soft and comfortable.

Washing Instructions
• Be careful not to overload your washer.
• Close all zippers on seats, backs and throws to prolong seam life.
• Machine wash warm, gentle cycle with bleach
• Air Dry ****DO NOT PUT IN DRYER***
• Put Back on Piece while Cover is Slightly Damp


Fabric Upholstery Care
Regular maintenance is very important to keeping your upholstery looking great. Seat and back cushions should be flipped and rotated, if possible, at least once a month. Cores with down in them should be fluffed at least once a week to keep the feathers from accumulating in one area. Regular vacuuming helps fabric last longer as well.

Most upholstered pieces have a cleaning code that is usually listed on the law label underneath the cushions or on the bottom of the piece. This code tells you the best way to clean your particular piece of upholstery. If you attempt to clean upholstery yourself, it is highly suggested that you test a small area to ensure it doesn’t damage the fabric. We also recommend the Guardsman Protection Plan which covers most incidentals that occur in the home.


Since they're not exactly self-explanatory, here's what the upholstery cleaning codes stand for:

DC - Dry Clean Only

W = Water based cleaning agent. Clean with a water-based product such as a little foam from mild detergent or non-solvent upholstery shampoo. Use as little foam and water as possible to do the job; you don't want to get the upholstery too wet.

S = Solvent. Clean with a mild water-free dry-cleaning solvent. Use just a little and make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Don't put any water on it. 

SW - Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent or a mild dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate with liquid. Some fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. 

WS = Water-based cleaning agent or solvent. Depending on the stain, you can use a dry-cleaning solvent, the foam of a mild detergent, or upholstery shampoo.

X = Don't clean it yourself. Hire a professional. You can, however, vacuum or brush off surface grime.

Zippered Cushions:

Zippered cushion covers do not mean you can remove the covers for cleaning separately. The zippers are there to provide a tighter fit. If you choose to clean the covers separately, they may shrink, tear, or discolor. Cleaning the cushion covers separately often voids your warranty. Check with your retailer prior to cleaning upholstered cushion covers. 

All Non-Slip Covered Upholstered Furniture should be professionally cleaned.