Blues, reds, greens – what colors fit your home?  Everyone should live with furnishings they love within a budget. Don’t settle for a piece or a color just because it’s in stock.  We customize colors, finishes and sizes at an affordable price.


Does it just look good – or was it built to last and hold up under the wear-and-tear of everyday practical living?  We look for the highest quality furnishings and accessories – quality in both design and durability.

Like the ‘three little bears’, we sit in every chair and we try out every sofa. This one’s too big – that’s too small – this is just right! We’re big on comfort – and we won’t sell anything that we don’t think is comfortable.  We help customers select the right sizes and styles that are just right for them.


At Sofa Creations, we give you choices. Not just in finishes and fabrics, but in fit, shape & design. Why? Because we can!

We’ve cultivated relationships with skilled manufacturers across the U.S. to custom build your furniture specifically for you.

Decorating choices can be overwhelming.  Colors, patterns, furnishings, accessories, rugs, lighting, and more.  Where do you start?  How do you put it all together to create a comfortable home that suits your lifestyle and reflects your own unique personality? Let our design team take the anxiety out of turning your home into your castle.

Your home is a reflection
of your personality

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